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invites for education and study placement

in 2021-2022 academic year.

Educative-professional level: "Qualified junior bachelor"

Educative level: "Bachelor"

(at the expense of physical persons and legal entities )

Kyiv Choreographic College - is the higher educational institution of the art specialization , which accomplishes the preparation of the professionals

within the speciality 024 CHOREOGRAPHY

Qualifications: Bachelor of Choreography

Ballet performer, artist of the ballet (dance ensemble), Ballet performer (principal dancer), Assistant of the Ballet-master, Ballet-master, Ballet-master stage manager, Teacher of Choreographic disciplines, Choreographer, Ballet mistress,

Manager of the dancing group.

"Classical Choreography", "Ballroom Choreography", "Modern Choreography".

Among the highly-qualified teaching personnel of the college are:

• national artists and honored artists,

• honored personnel of the culture of Ukraine,

• Candidate of Science (PhD), docent,

• Teachers-Methodists.

All of staff is represented by the famous specialists of choreographic art , the leading scene masters. Our teachers carry out creative seminars, and workshops on the special disciplines in Ukraine and abroad , participate in All-Ukraine and international dance contest, and are among the jurors.

College graduates are successfully employed at the following famous theatres :

• National Opera of Ukraine (National Opera and Ballet Academy Theatre named after Taras Shevchenko , Ukraine),

• Kyiv Municipal Opera and Ballet Academy Theatre (Ukraine),

• Permic Opera and Ballet Academy Theatre,

• National theatre of Salzburg (Austria),

• Vienna National Opera (Austria),

• "Bejart Ballet Lausanne" (Switzerland),

• "Caracalla Dance Theatre" (Lebanon).

They triumphantly make a guest appearance in many countries of the world (France, Greece, Italy, Spain, Germany, Austria, Lebanon, Poland), win recognition from the public at prestigious contests and festivals of the classical dance .

The scenic and performance practice of the students is carried out within the premises of the "Young ballet of Kyiv" theatre, which gives performances on a tour in Ukraine and in the countries of Europe and Asia . The repertoire of the student theatre group includes the masterpieces of the classical ballet heritage : "Swan Lake", "The Nutcracker", "The Cinderella", "The Sleeping Beauty".

Education course duration: depends on the previously obtained educational document, diploma or certificate (2 years, 3 years, 4 years).

Education and training fee: 12000 $ per year.

Prospective students and candidates, who have the Grand Prix and the first place at international contests and festivals of the choreographic art have privileges .

The list of subjects, offered for the students: French language, English language, Ukrainian language, philosophy, social studies, history of the theatre, ballet history, history of the costume, history of the music, pedagogics, the art of the ballet- master, classical dance, duet (duo-dance), folk-scenic dance, modern choreography, history-social dance, ballroom dancing, the art of the actor, virtuosic movements in choreography, organization and preparation of the concert and concert activity , the methods and working procedure with the dance troupe.

Students have the ability to live in the dormitory

Each student is supplied with all the necessary furniture : a bed, a wardrobe, a table, and a chair. The rooms are equipped with (refrigerator, cooker, microwave oven, furniture), sluice rooms, shower bath, washing-machines, Internet network. For the students relaxation and spare time we have cozy and comfortable public rooms equipped with all things required for watching TV or communicating with friends . The dormitory also has choreographic gyms for the extracurricular activities or catch-up classes. The dormitory has all, which is necessary for the comfortable and safe life of our students :

  24-hour security,

  • health care worker,

  • curator,

  • canteen,

  • TV-set, Internet network,

  • choreographic hall.

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